ASMR 🎁 Secret Santa Unboxing 🎁 Crinkles 🎁 Tapping 🎁 Chewing

Unboxing my Secret Santa Gift 🎁
01:55 – unbox
04:00 – eating candy cane (for the first time :))
04:27 – my Santa’s name reveal
06:46 – unboxing more candy
09:19 – eating little candies 😛
11:14 – masks
12:18 – makeup
14:10 – crinkles heaven ♥
16:24 – citrine crystal :O
20:05 – more crystals
22:15 – more crinkles
22:42 – teacup
23:30 – tea crinkles
24:31 – scratchy box full of Lush products mmmm.. smells sooo good
26:16 – tasting bath bomb xD
26:50 – nail polishes
29:00 – flipping catalog
30:40 – thank yous ♥
My Santa’s channel:

ASMRtists taking part in Secret Santa:
ASMR Requests
ASMR Darling
Heather Feather ASMR
Charlotte ASMR
WhispersRed ASMR
Tony Bomboni
Fred’s Voice
Happy Holidays lovelies! ♥

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