[ASMR] 6 Slime Triggers! (Crunchy, Clicky, Stretchy, Gooey)

*Caution, I use a plastic knife in this video to cut and spread the slimes at some points!*
Welcome back to more SLIME!!!!!! These videos end up really long because time actually flies by when I’m poking slime on the table?? Why???

So contrary to what I think I say in the beginning, I DID end up adding a lot of borax to all of these slimes. I think my room got too hot with the lights so it was getting really melty and sticky and !!!!!!! But I think I managed. If messy hands/a little bit of stickiness bothers you, you might want to skip around a bit, but I’m generally pretty happy with how it turned out :3

I tried to go in order of loudest to more quiet, but here is the table of contents/credit to slimers!

0:00 Intro, tapping on slime containers, explaining names/textures
9:48 Fairy Glades (Textured, floam-y, Crunchy)
19:29 Chewed Up Mint-y Bubble Gum (Foam bits, textured, sticky)
27:56 Strawberry Milk (Soft, liquid-y, very clicky)
36:59 Green Apple Laffy Taffy Scented Icee (Mike Wazowski) (Foamy, Light, Spreadable) [Slime Cit B*tch]
49:12 Jamba Juice (Thick, textured, clicky) [Slime City B*tch]
1:00:16 Aurora Putty (Clicky, gooey, iridescent) [Slime by Sara]

*I purchased all of these slimes myself! Here are their Etsy shops*
Slime Alchemist: https://goo.gl/1cDCyg
Slime by Sara: https://goo.gl/wC6N1z
Slime City B*tch: https://goo.gl/T3fLWn

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