ASMR | Different Colors – Different Triggers

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SOOOO I attempted this a LONGGG time ago with one…singular… party bulb…and a camera that couldn’t handle low light…seriously just look at it its insane lmfao

But now we’re here with the glow up!!! No post-editing, it’s all the lighting! I hope you enjoy it, it was quite fun to film c:

1:23 – Intro
2:37 – Red / Doll Scratching
7:06 – Yellow / Bath Salts & Stick Sounds
12:36 – Green / Stethoscope Sounds
20:08 – Blue / Spray Bottle Sounds
26:25 – Purple / Emo Studded Belt Sounds
31:20 – Pink – Massage Roller Sounds

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Vest called my emo studded belt “bumpy belt” can I get a bless in the chat