ASMR Ear to Ear, Brushing, Touching, Crinkle & Inaudible Sounds Plus More !

ASMR Ear to Ear Whispers mixed with inaudible binaural sounds, brushing sounds, gentle whispering & blowing in your ears, silver soap & touching. If you have any ASMR Requests you are welcome to private message me and i will the best i can for complete them.

2:39 brushing mic and whisper.
5:20 crinkle and inaudible whisper/normal whisper.
10:00 blowing and brushing mic.

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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response it is described as a pleasurable tingling sensation that can be felt most commonly in the back of the scalp and down the spine but not limited to these area’s.
I try to describe ASMR experience to people using something common like visiting a hairdresser, do you find the experience of someone focusing on you, the gentle touching of your hair, the sound of the scissors moving around you relaxing?
That would be a relaxing experience, watching ASMR video is like recreating that type of experience.
I believe most people can experience ASMR, to experience ASMR you need to find your trigger, common triggers:
Watching Someone Focus on a task
Personal Attention – like a hair cut
Watching Role Play
Tapping Sounds
Crinkle Sounds

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