ASMR Fixing You: 5 Years Later (Gloves sounds, Mic Brushing, Scratching sounds and +)

Welcome to my new ASMR ROLEPLAY video! This video contains FUTURISTIC vibes glove sounds, personal attention, closeup whispering, mic brushing, brushing, face touching, scratching sounds, keyboard sounds, tweezers sounds, plastic sounds, nail file, water spray and more!! (timestamps below!!)
That black background is an ode to the king Ephemeral Rift!!!!!! *fangirl mode*


00:50 Face cleaning with cloth
03:55 Glove sounds / Face Touching
08:00 Soft Keyboard sounds
09:39 Light / inspection
13:12 Spray sounds
15:08 Sponge sounds
18:00 Touching with tool
20:17 Scratching
24:17 Brushing sounds / mic brushing
28:07 Nail file sounds
29:30 Brushing sounds / mic brushing
32:18 Tweezers on foam (different from regular tweezers sound)
34:55 Spray sounds
35:20 Plastic sounds (LOVE)
38:12 Mic touching/mic soft scratching with gloves
39:20 Face Touching
42:47 Mic touching/mic soft scratching without gloves

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