ASMR Floooamy satisfaction

Hello everyone,

Right now I’m in the process of making a really cool video with nature sounds, and because of that I’ve been travelling a lot through the last few weeks. One day the weather conditions were awful and I decided to make a video in my airbnb apartament.

I set my camera and audio equipement, turned on the lights and started playing with foam in front of the camera. Everything went so well, and I couldn’t fight the urge to make another video. Unfortunately I didn’t have any more props. All I had was my Dummy Head microphone, so I thought that maybe I’ll try to make a video with ear massage. I grabbed hand lotion from my cosmetic case and started rubbing it into the silicone ears. Shortly after that the ear massage turned into a vigorous head massage. I was so absorbed in vigorously rubing the whole dummy head scalp that I didn’t even notice that a housekeeper entered the apartament in order to clean it up.

As soon as she saw me I freezed looking up at her. The corners of her mouth lifted forming the most awkward smile I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t even tried to explain what I’m doing. It would be way too much for this poor and polite lady.

The video with a vigorous head massage will be uploaded very soon, so stay tuned! 😀

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