ASMR – From a.b.o.v.e (binaural recording)

There seems to be a lot of people who are not able to experience the asmr sensation as often as before. It’s rather obvious that this kind of immunity is very closely related to how frequently we try to induce the tingles for instance by watching asmr videos. I remember the time when I stumbled across my very first asmr video on youtube. It was so intense that I literally had to take a break in the middle of the video. Now after over three years of watching I realised that it’s actually way harder to trigger my asmr. There are two solutions to the problem:

We can take a break or try to find completely new and fresh triggers to feed our fussy brains. If you want to try the second one, make yourself comfortable and watch today’s video.

Although it may not seem to be very different than the others in the dummy head series, in fact I introduced a lot of new things. Apart from using new items such as slinky walking spring I also decided to try a new camera angle from the top of the dummy head. Please let me know what do you think. In some parts I created layered sounds just to find out if you like them or not. I can make a whole video featuring only the layered sounds.

Most importantly this time I paid much more attention to the quietest sounds which are usually almost inaudible. Basically each individual sound was compressed separately. I boosted low-end and high-end frequencies a little bit as well. In my opinion now the sounds are more crisp. If you don’t like it don’t worry because It’s just an experiment.

When it comes to the binaural effect in this video it’s definitely not as good as it should. It is mainly because the dummy head was placed in between two acoustic panels. Unfortunately it was necessary to create most of the sounds. Quid pro quo.

Slinky walking spring:

My equipment:

Mic 1:

Mic 2:

Pair of mics 3:

XLR cables:

Audio Interface:

Laptop with passive cooling for sound recording:

Recorder 1:

Recorder 2:

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Lens 1:

Lens 2:


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