ASMR Headphones on = world of your own BINAURAL

Ok. I know that in this video I look like Donatello from the ”Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. This backpack and the way I walk speak for themselves…

I was laughing so hard when editing this video. Every time my silhouette showed up on the screen my imagination went wild telling me that in just a second Donatello will turn around and offer me some pizza 🙂

Thanks to my Patrons this winter I was able to travell along the Baltic coast looking for quiet and scenic places. When I was back I had so much footage that I had to purchase additional storage drives. As always it took me way moe time than expected, but I’m glad that after over 4 months it is finally done.

Special thanks to my Patrons, because if it wasn’t for them this video would have never been made:

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