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Hey everyone!! Happy Thursday :’) Today’s video is brought to you by…you! I was thinking (as I sometimes do) and I was like…dang — I really just want some… messages. What would people say if you just asked them for…a message? Anything! No context, no rules… just… ask for a message to the world, to a friend, to humanity, to themselves. This is what those of you on Instagram and Twitter came up with 🙂 If you’re not following yet, please do! I post a lot lot lot on there and it’s nice when things like this come up to get your opinions/thoughts/feelings (‘:

So this is me, reading your messages! I didn’t include names, I hope that’s ok…! Most of the notes were really short so I didn’t want to slow down the pacing, and a few people asked to be anonymous anyway so I was like…aiight we’ll keep the flow going and just read thru. So thank you, everyone, who sent something in! I’m sorry I couldn’t include them all ;-; But my heart and soul was just so freakin full after reading these. You made me laugh, think, smile, feel loved! So if any of these messages touch you, thank your fellow humans ^_^

Sleep well, all!

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