ASMR Shoe shine and wax. (no talking) re-make

This video may not be relaxing for some of you. However believe me, shoe shining is one of the asmr triggers, and I know there is a bunch of people who really like watching this particular kind of rapidly performing tasks.

I decided to redo some of my videos in order to improve the quality of sound and video. I would like to remake especially most of these videos that I made before buying my camera and mic. So from time to time on your subscription list may pop up some videos you are already familiar with. Apart from remaking my old videos obviously I will be making also new ones.

The idea of improving the old videos has been in my mind, since I got my mic, but I never had enough time to get it done. Now finally I feel like doing it, and what’s the most important I have some free time to bring it into being.

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