ASMR Six black boxes

You already know that every time I have to go and buy some new props I feel like a creep 😀 All these people suspiciously looking at me when I tap and scratch on toys, office accessories, kitchen utensils or gardening tools.

Maybe I should design a special t-shirt with an explanation printed on it. Something like: ”What the hell am I doing? Get rid of your prejudices. I’m just an ASMR creator looking for new sounds. Please google it.”

Probably a little bit too rude… 😀

Anyway, these boxes really save my ass every time I do not feel like shopping for new props. As you can see I managed to collect quite a lot of stuff through the last few years.

My niece loves these boxes. She always has so much fun playing with all the toys.

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My equipment:

Mic 1:

Mic 2:

Pair of mics 3:

XLR cables:

Audio Interface:

Laptop with passive cooling for sound recording:

Recorder 1:

Recorder 2:

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Lens 1:

Lens 2:

Lens 3:

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