ASMR Unboxing a military ration Part 1


In general when I manage to come up with a new idea for an asmr video I’m never completely sure whether it is good or not, but this time I knew beforehand that it is gonna be a treat. Few weeks ago when I was browsing youtube videos I stumbled across a channel fully devoted to presenting military rations from around the world. Not only it was interesting to watch but also very pleasant to listen to, and here I mean all of the nice crinkle sounds made by thick waterproof and insulating packages.

I thought to myself: Crinkle bags, an opportunity to make a variety of food preparation noises, quite interesting to watch… well it looks like I need a military ration. I ordered the Polish one as it was the easiest accessible for me.

What I like the most about this idea it is that it allowed me to incorporate so many different sounds that I had to split the video into two parts. In the first one I will open the military ration and show you in detail what’s inside. The second part I’ll focus on preparing some instant food and using a flameless ration heater which turned out to make some excellent sounds. The second part will be uploaded wihin the next couple of days.

I hope it will help you to relax.

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Laptop with passive cooling for sound recording:

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