ASMR unintelligible breathy whispers *Audio Encore To The X-Files Role Play* Alien Abduction

*This is NOT a role play video. This is an audio encore video for those that wanted more of the alien voices featured in the X-Files role play video*
This is an ASMR video intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes. This particular video is an audio encore to the X-Files role play video which I will link below. This video features the alien voices that were implanted into you during the alien abduction in the beginning of the X-Files role play video. In this video the viewer will see different calming and relaxing videos pertaining to nature or sci-fi. This video has a strong focus on multiple voices whispering in an inaudible language very close to the ears.
*Please wear headphones to get the ear to ear effect!
*The X-Files Role Play video:

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*If you enjoy audio encore type videos then I recommend checking out Ardra Naela on youtube because she has several really good ones and she is where I first saw the whole audio encore type of videos.

intro music: White Lotus Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
nature(1) by Rafiee at
beach log with a view by yudunu at
red tulips on green background by r_borozencev at
butterfly fly away by amateurcreator at
afternoon sunlight beach by wildwatertr at
tulip flower by hrathjen at
lens optical by britebluespot at
alien drone sound by speedenza at
sci-fi laboratory ambiance by qubodup at
cosmic tunnel by selensergen at
All other footage and sound is my own creation and my own property or is royalty free to use.

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