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Do you remember my neighbour (Mr John)?

Many of you suggested that in order to break the ice I should visit him and explain what ASMR is and what exactly I do. Smiling to him when he was peering with confusion through his window at the weirdo camping outside (last MRE video) in the middle of the night didn’t help, so I decided to take matters into my hands and do exactly what you suggested.

And you know what? It was an awesome idea! Suprisingly we managed to find common ground and we even became friends.

One day he allowed himself to drink too much wine and opened up telling me that he has enough of this peaceful and steady life.

”Men, I know I look succesfull from the outside, but in fact my soul is shattered by longing to the good old times when I still was a teenager who constantly thinks that nothing is impossible.” He told me with a glint in his eye.

”It is never too late to be young, buddy. Do not care what people say and be yourself. It is your life. It is not worth to do something because someone told you to do so, People won’t be able to feel the regret eating you up from inside.” I told him with a simle on my face.

”Don’t be stupid. All I can do is sit in here and read some newspaper, ocassionally being entertained by this weirdo from across the street who tends to dance around the microphones for no reason”

We bursted out of laughing together. And then this idea came upon me.

”If you want I can help you to fill the gap in your heart.” I said

”You better grab the bottle and pour me another glass.” He replied with discouragement

Few days ago I went to my friend who is a drummer in a punk rock band. It just so happened that they were preparing for the European tour and had 2 free seats in a van. I asked him if me and my friend could go with them.

He agreed. There was no turning back. Mr John is going on a tour with a punk rock band.

At first he wasn’t interested but then I managed to convince him.

I assure you that it was the craziest weekend of his entire life.

You wouldn’t suspect him to be down when it comes to having sex on a first date after a punk rock show. Unfortunately the closest he came to getting laid on that trip was before NOFX show in Berlin when a guy from the crowd threatened to rape him.

One morning he woke up screaming. I thought that these are just the normal hangover sympthoms after drinking too much booze, but then I looked down on the bloody mess at the tips of his feet.

He gazed at me with a questioning look.

I explained: ”Yeah buddy, you tattoed yourself last night.”

Now he is back in his house listening to Wagner and reading Orwell’s books.

I think he has enough Punk Rock for the rest of his life.

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