ASMRotica and is it true ASMR?

I’ve always known ASMR just as that addictive tingling feeling at the back of my neck and moving into my scalp.

First experienced when talking about the past with my grandparents many years ago I’ve never even thought of ASMR as erotic. Is ASMRotica actually true ASMR are of the people who experience this mixing things up and blurring the lines between the pleasant and euphoric experience and erotic experiences or do ASMRotic experiences include an erotic component that is in fact what is leading to the erotic experience.

The level of subscriptions ASMRotica artists have show a definite demand for videos within this sub-genre but again is this due to the ASMR or the erotic component in the video. Is this just 2 different things joined together in one video or does the ASMR stimulate areas other than the usual head, neck and upper back.

The general consensus from the regular ASMR community is that ASMRotica just creates a negative and incorrect view of ASMR for people who do not experience ASMR or understand what its all about.

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