Assorted triggers ASMR (Mic Test) (ZOOM H5)

Ask me why i got two mics for ASMR in one week and my answer will be “Because i’m stupid with my money” but really it’s because i really love making this video and even if i get 10 views a week, i see that as ten more people i may have relaxed and that’s good enough for me. With that being said, this specific video is testing out many different triggers with my new ZOOM H5 recorder and my oh my does it sound nice to me. I do some tapping, scratching, and courtesy of the new microphone i now have the ability to do mic touching/rubbing and it sounds great! Thank you all for your support thus far and i hope you guys stick with me through all of my ASMR adventures!

Link to my donation account so maybe i don’t go bankrupt lol

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