Contest Winner’s !

The Winners are: likearock5945, Mohd Nabil, Seathre + neuroda. I would like to thank everyone who answered the questions. I will now welcome everybody to send me email with any requests they have, try to keep it to role plays, and tell me the objects, sounds or anything else you like so that i can use your suggestions/requests in future video.

1. What is ASMR? – ASMR is a physical, tingling sensation that originates in the head, scalo, or spine that is caused by direct, individualized trigger responses that may include whispering, tapping, rubbing, brushing, or any other trigger that replicates direct, one-on-one attention.

Question 2: What does ASMR feel like? winner is pending

Mohd Nabil has copied this directly from wikipedia
Question 2: What does ASMR feel like? – pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.

Question 3: How do I experience it? – Commonly, ASMR is experienced by close, personal interaction with another individual, whether physical or non-physical, including recorded audio or video and excluding sexual interaction. Every individual has their own set or triggers however, such as certain sounds, scenarios or means of interaction.

Question 4: Can i experience? Hell yeah! I think everyone have experienced it despite of the fact that they aren’t aware of the name of the feeling. Why do you feel relaxed when you listen to the ocean, the rain, the nature? All of this is ASMR in it’s primitive state : )

Question 5: Benefits of ASMR: Relaxation, relieves anxiety, natural remedy for sleeping disorders, lightens the mood. It’s a free therapy anytime, anywhere!

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