Doing your Comic-Con Makeup 💄 ASMR Costume Makeover RP / Whisper

Hey! I thought this would be a fun video idea and gave me the chance to try out pop art makeup on myself! My makeup didn’t turn out the best but I had fun doing it and really, the main point is putting on YOUR makeup for your costume!!! I kept it as general as possible so you can imagine which costume you want to wear for it 🙂 I also really like the sounds of the gloves I’m wearing and I used a different “material” for your face sounds so I hope you like this new trigger 🙂 Anyway! Hope you enjoy ! ❤

supergirl shirt with cape ~
supergirl gloves ~

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asmr ~ asmr (or tingles) is very relaxing and can help you fall asleep or focus on work or tasks. traditional asmr focuses on achieving tingles, though not everyone needs to experience tingles to enjoy asmr. importantly, there are no loud surprises, only gentle and calming sounds to ease stress and anxiety. 🙂

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