Exam in a Tranquil Garden 🌿 ASMR • Upclose Whispers • Gloves • Brush • Crinkles

Aren’t you a beautiful specimen?! 😍 Welcome to my ASMR Garden 🌷 I’ll show you some of my favorite plants and then we’ll examine you 08:15 to see what type of a green royalty you are 🌿

01:00 Poinsettia
02:38 Snake plant
05:59 Orchid
08:15 Examining YOU
09:11 Crinkly gloves
10:17 Up close exam
16:32 Gentle brushing
21:37 Tingly tweezers
22:50 Sleepy cotton swabbing
26:20 Shiny light to see your textures
28:13 Weeping fig
29:25 Fiddle leaf fig
30:56 Succulent plants very upclose exam, tiny detailing, twizzing, clean up, spray. My Favorite part, please watch it 🙂

Thank you for your time! ♥

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response
-This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you 🙂
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