Guided Meditation for Relaxation & ASMR + Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

Guided Meditation for Relaxation & ASMR + Tibetan Singing Bowl Music. Relax as i guide your mind, body & spirit to an amazing place of relaxation. I will focus on your hands and lower back to help you rest, unwind, sleep and just feel good. I do this by visualizing you there and using the sound to massage you tightness & pain away from your body.
Bowls are from
You can use this video in many ways, as a kind of hypnotic way to allow your entire body to relax, to help sleep, to feel good & and to also bring clarity to yourself as the sounds of the tibetan singing bowls resonate through your body.

I strongly recommend wearing good quality headphones, the audio recording is of a high quality, the video suffered quite badly. Forgot to turn on auto focus, battery in light died but it does not matter, just close your eye and relax. This is one of my best audio recording of my voice and the bowls.

It was recorded with
2 x Tascam UH-7000
2 x Rode NT5 for music
2 x Rode NTG3 for voice

Edit: bowls are from 27/11/2014

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