Mastercrafted ASMR – Tribal Tapping – Speed Tapping 2.2

Mastercrafted ASMR – Tribal Tapping – Speed Tapping 2.2 – Layered Sounds – Fast Tapping – Inaudible – Whispering – Soft Spoken + as Imagination to just have fun

I was recording Speed Tapping 2 but i felt something wasnt right, so i followed my instinct and paused, relaxed and just let it be….
I started the video after me saying something along the line of “This does not comput, ” ahh bugger it just listen

Anyone after this i re-modded my new rig
I know how i want my mic setup and will record the real speed tapping soon.

This is part of a new series i call “Mastercrafted” i think i have earnt this title with the experience of 500+ video creations to be able to call some of my videos this title.

To Earn the title of Mastercrafted many hours must be spent to create the audio & video recording, also they must also be suitable to standalone and be suitable to put onto a platform like itunes ect.
I want to work towards creating some professional recordings suitable to distribute as professionally record ASMR recordings, i only feel like to am getting close to have the experience at arranging audio tracks for this.
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Ok this one has total of 5 short recording session, each recording session involved 4 microphones. (total 10 tracks)
2 x Rode NTG3
2 x Rode NT1

Recorded with 2 x Tascam Uh-7000 –

Add hand crafted cables from

Also add about 2 hours of audio editing time = The Mastercrafted Benchmark

Numerical Denotations
2 = Speed Tapping with Voice
*.1 = SpeedTapping No Voice
*.2 = Anything i want but mostly layered good stuff.

Art work is by Bald Art a local Gold Coast Artist, you can support the Artist & myself by purchasing the artwork

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Video: Recorded on Panasonic HMC-152EN
Microphones: Recorded in stereo on 2 x Rode NTG-3 Microphone –
Mic Preamp – Tascam Uh-7000 –
Old Recorder: Zoom H4N –
Microphone Cables – Neutrik Connectors with Mogami Cable –
Tama Microphone Stands –
Memory Cards – Sandisk –

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response it is described as a pleasurable tingling sensation that can be felt most commonly in the back of the scalp and down the spine but not limited to these area’s.
I try to describe ASMR experience to people using something common like visiting a hairdresser, do you find the experience of someone focusing on you, the gentle touching of your hair, the sound of the scissors moving around you relaxing?
That would be a relaxing experience, watching ASMR video is like recreating that type of experience.
I believe most people can experience ASMR, to experience ASMR you need to find you trigger, common triggers will often be related to one person focusing on you or another person and watching this person focus or give them attention will trigger it.

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