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Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing great guys. It has been a while since my last video. I needed a break, and decided to go on a northern European road trip. Initially I was going to travel by train with the Interrail pass, but then after considering all of the pros and cons I opted to choose a car instead.

I traveled through Germany (visited Berlin and Hamburg), Denmark (stayed in Sjolund, Kolding and Kopenhagen), Sweden (visited Malmo, Lund and Goteborg) and Norway (stayed in Olso, Sundvollen, Gol, Geilo and Eidfjord).

Since I do not like hot weather I thought it will be a good idea to head somewhere north in order to escape the heat waves coming to western and central Europe. Unfortunately Even in Norway 1000 meters above the sea level the temperature was almost reaching 30 C degrees, to say nothing about the scorching hot weather in some of the Swedish cities.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed the trip. I think it helped me to refresh my creativity. I’ll try to start posting regularly.

Stay tuned!

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