Starting Your Own ASMR Channel (Soft Spoken)

Hey everyone!! So this video stems from the many message I get from prospective ASMRtists — people who are looking to start their own channel but want some tips and explanations!

Hopefully some of these topics will help you out, and you’ll be running your own channel in no time 🙂 Let me know if there’s any topics I didn’t cover, and I will be happy to cover them in the comments, or make a sequel video!!!

Table of Contents:

1:40 Getting Started
2:00 Pick a Name
2:50 Setting up Security
4:22 Make a Video
4:48 Lighting
6:08 Mini Green Screen Tip
6:25 Camera
7:30 SD Card
8:38 Viewfinders in Cameras
10:01 Make Sure You’re Recording!!!!!!
11:13 Extra Camera Battery!
12:21 Tripod
13:25 External Hard Drive
14:55 Post Production / Editing
16:05 Microphones (Blue Yeti)
18:15 Rode Extendable Boom Arm / Mic Accessories
19:04 Flipping Audio Channels (Must do!)
20:23 Why do ASMRtists wear headphones?
21:20 Tip for quicker editing / better quality control
23:14 Recording room tone
24:16 Exporting
24:38 Upload your video!!!!
25:01 Genuine Over Clickbait
26:04 People can see your tags!
26:32 Biggest Advice: Make Videos YOU Want to See
27:24 Recognizing Your Strengths and Limitations
28:02 Be Yourself, You’ll Get The Best Audience
29:32 Sharing Your Videos
30:34 Trolls!!! In the Dungeon!!!!
32:07 Using the Description Box
33:00 Pacing & Timing of Video Release (Make a Schedule)
34:15 Finding Balance
36:26 Overloading yourself

Products I mention/use:

Canon Rebel T4i:
SD Card:
Extra Battery:
Softboxes & Backdrop Combo:
Clamps for Backdrop (very necessary!!):
Blue Yeti Microphone:
Rode Boom Arm:
Blue Yeti Mic Cover:
Blue Yeti Shock Mount:

Art Credit to my Twitter pal @IBGNCHaMa for my end screen!

See you Saturday with a new video!!!!!!!

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