What is ASMR Community all about?

We decided to start ASMR community to help educate the general population on what ASMR is and that it’s in fact a very viable phenomenon and totally harmless.

This has become very relevant in my own family where myself and my son both experience ASMR and my wife does not and in turn thinks its just “all a bit weird”. If only she was responsive I believe she would have a totally different view. Personally I sort of feel sorry for her as the ASMR experience is unique and relaxing, and at times amazing.

True ASMR is NOT about sex or erotica and this is a misconception that really needs to be cleared up for the general public. It is simply the tingling sensation one experiences up the back of the neck and over the scalp mostly and in main a pleasant, relaxing and slightly euphoric feeling.

Raising awareness of this phenomenon in the correct way along with promoting the material of ASMR artists and creating a forum for discussion is the main reason for the site. If you do however have any suggestions or wish to be involved yourself please do get in touch using the contact us link in the site menu.

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