~.~ 24 Different ASMR Triggers for You ~.~ (Soft Spoken & Whispering)

♥ Hello lovelies 🙂 During the last few days I’ve been working on this tingly video for you and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it before Christmas! I hope that you still find it relaxing though and that it can give you some tingles and relaxation ^_^ -Request 159-

♥ On October 14th 2012 I had an idea to make a video where I would put multiple triggers into one long ASMR video and 2 days later I filmed my very first long ASMR trigger video. Since a lot of people liked it back then I decided to make one of those big ASMR Trigger videos again where I make a variety of different sounds so I hope that you can find what you like!

♥ In the beginning of the video I say that you can expect 10 ASMR triggers but after I finished editing it appeared that I made a mistake because there are 24 different ASMR triggers in this video! 😀 Sorry about the possible confusion and I also need to mention that I got the title idea of one of Maria’s (GentleWhispering) her famous videos so if you haven’t checked her out yet, make sure to do so!

♥ (Wear headphones for the best tingly and relaxing result )
The following triggers are included in this video:
Part 1: 00:00 till 00:55
Soft singing, Soft humming, Soft spoken introduction.
Part 2: 00:55 till 07:42
Unwrapping, crinkly paper, folding paper, Soft spoken.
Part 3: 07:42 till 10:00
Crinkly plastic, Sticky fingers, opening plastic bag, Soft Spoken.
Part 4: 10:00 till 15:43
Describing present, playing with and touching Polyester fabric.
Part 5: 15:43 till 26:29
Binaural 3D Ear to ear whispering, Binaural playing with soft plastic and paper gift bag, tapping and scratching on paper and plastic Binaural, describing bag, Tracing shapes with my finger, reading product information ear to ear whisper.
Part 6: 26:29 till 28:45
Opening plastic gift bag, ear to ear binaural, zipper sounds.
Part 7: 28:45 till 31:20
Playing with plastic lotion bottles, lit tapping, plastic tapping close up, describing products and smell whispering.
Part 8: 31:20 till 33:20
Playing with toe separates (foam material) and Binaural whispering about product.
Part 9: 33:20 till 36:29
Playing with nail file, reading description foot butter, soft tapping on plastic tube, Binaural whispering.
Part 10: 36:29 till 41:03
Playing with soft fabric slippers, scratching, rubbing sounds, whispering ear to ear, thank you for watching!

– If you have no idea what ASMR is or what the purpose of this video is watch this video: http://youtu.be/tEm0U75DfuA
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***Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor.

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