Angelic Triggers 🕊️ Gentle Sounds & Whispers for Sleep

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I’ve been wanting to do more trigger videos with less roleplay “in the way” plotlines, so I was like…HMMMMM… ANGEL
And here we are. Very creative. I know.

Sleep well everyone. 🙂
PS…This is a part 1. See you Tuesday 😉

timestamps ~
0:00 – Intro
1:38 – Making Tea and Tapping
3:42 – Schwoop Sounds and Visual Triggers
5:20 – Wind Chime
9:45 – Shhh Mouth Sounds and Visual Triggers
12:00 – Plastic Bottle Tapping
13:15 – Spray Bottle Sounds
14:15 – Tapping and Opening Plastic Container
16:15 – Visual Triggers and Mic Scratching
17:50 – Tapping on Light and Light Triggers
19:40 – Shhh Mouth Sounds and Visual Triggers
21:00 – Mic Scratching
22:00 – Brushing You

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