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Happy New Year! I am so excited about the upcoming year, what are some of your wishes for next year? ♥
Today we’ll explore sounds of different items starting with a hanging talisman of protection from evil eye 01:05 , then we’ll burn aromatherapy candle 04:18 , look at a decorative plate from Russia 07:57 , scratch on a metal covered note book 11:20 , squeeze a mermaid bag 14:32 , tap on the tiniest wooden bowls 17:39 , metal lantern light up and tap 20:25 , whiskey liquid swishing and bottle tap 24:04 , we’ll say hello to the symbol of 2018, little yellow dog 26:26 and I will wish you a Happy New year in a few different languages 28:25 . Thank you for watching my videos, you guys! I appreciate you spending time with me and enjoying my videos as they are. I often change styles of my videos, going from more indepth to more simple/natural videos, this last month was more of the last type and I am grateful to you for allowing me create videos as I feel. I have been fighting to let myself not perfect videos as much and enjoy just being with you as I am. I read your comments and messages every day and very word you say means the world to me. I truly feel as if we are friends and I cannot wait to hang out more every day! I guess what I am saying is 2017 was a year of an easier approach to creating ASMR videos for me, in previous years I spent days and days on perfecting videos and alot of them have never even been released, but this year I wanted to stop stressing so much about it and crumble under my own pressure and just let myself be in a moment and I could not have done this without your support, so thank you for helping me be more confident in my own skin and my own expressions, you guys are my rock and I look up to you so much!

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