ASMR Building a miniature house brick by brick

Are you familiar with the story about The Three Little Pigs? One of them had become very bossy after he found out that his brick house turned out to be the only one that was able to survive the attack of a Bad Wolf. The Pig’s name was Pigbrick. (I really wanted to give him a little bit more pejorative name, but in view of the new YouTube COPA rules I decided to refrain and simply change one of the letters in the middle).

Although PigBrick decided to help the two other Pigs whose poorly made houses were razed to the ground, in reality he was not friendly at all. At first, he let them inside and right away agreed to share some space, so that they could have a place to live.

”Thank you so much PigBrick! You don’t even realise how much it means to me!” Said the youngest pig whose name was Pigstraw

”Ok no problem, but would you be king enough to take off your shoes? Also there is a hoof sanitizer on the upper shelf, so please take it and sterilize your hoof every time you want to shake my hoof. Is that clear?”

”…yyyyyyy eekkhhem Yes sir…” Pigstraw replied

The second pig named Pigdoow looked down at his moody hoofs and blushed with shame.

”It also applies to you, but in that case hand sanitizer won’t be enough, so… Do you know what you are supposed to do now mr Pigdoow?” Pigbrick asked with a sly glance.

”I’ll have to wash them I guess…” – Pigdoow replied

”No. You are in need of a hot shower. ” – Pigbrick’s face expression quickly changed from slyish to deeply disgusted.

”Can we play hide-and-seek after she is done?” Pigstraw asked while reaching out for the hoof sanitizer

”When it comes to playing, only chess is allowed. Believe me, I know what’s the best for you. Do you doubt me?” Pigbrick muttered through the clenched teeth

”No of course I don’t. You made such a good decision with choosing the material for your house that you have to be clever, so we will obey I promise” Pigstraw quicly replied

”You are learning very fast.”

The two little pigs went through a real horror and finally they had enough. It was time to seek for help.

Pigstraw e-mailed me sending just one picture portraying the current situation they have been dealing with. The picture showed two of them with completely bleached hair and surgical masks on their snouts.

‘OMG… This Pigprick is insane! Is he a mad scientist who want to turn them into a new species of albino pig?’ I thought to myself

Right after seeing that, I decided to built a new house for them. The pigs were a little shy, so they do not wanted to be in the video. They are dirty again, but happy as never before.

We simply had to take a revenge on Pigbrick, so I arranged a little party in order to celebrate the brand new house. We invited Pigbrick telling him that the house we built is made brick by brick according to his recommendations. It helped to boost his ego and confidence even higher, so he agreed to attend our party.

My duty was to be a bartender and the Pigs were supposed to have fun all night long. We all acted as if nothing happened, but finally after a few hours of having fun the time for a revenge has come…

Bigstraw went to a bar ordered a drink and gulped it down and went to the bathroom and then simply left.

Then Bigdoow went to the same bar ordered a drink and gulped it down and went to the bathroom and then left.

PigBrick was left alone, so he went to the bar ordered a drink and gulped it down and was just going to leave, but before that he had asked if he can use the bathroom. I told him: “Unfortunately I do not have any hoof sanitizer and someone has to be the little pig that goes weee weee weee all the way home”