ASMR | Cozy Late Night Triggers | Rain Layered Sounds | Wood Tapping

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…Literally — late night! ^_^ Thank you so much to Displate for this #SponsoredSaturday !! I have my very own designs up — featuring Daisy, Lorelei, or Mistletoe 🙂
And a Gibi Pokemon trainer coming VERY SOOOON! The artist is finishing up the background which features my 6-team of Pokemon c:
Displate is awesome because they plant 10 trees for every Displate purchased, they are safe for your walls, don’t require frames, and have so so so much to choose from. I have quite a few in my own house and am happy to be putting out new designs every month I can! Sorry I talked so fast during it I wanted to give you the full run down and show you my designs and also not be too long XD so I feel like I talked kind of fast……
Use code gibi15 for 15% off always ~ or check the banner for upcoming new sales for back to school !
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