ASMR FORTNITE ROLEPLAY pt. 3 🔫 with Brite Bomber Skin & Props! – (Whispering, Tapping, Sk, sounds)

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this is my current skin on Fortnite so I decided to cosplay this character~ Due to so many comments on like all my videos haha I decided to continue this series. It took me a while but here you are. Let me know if there is any future skins you would like me to dress up as next.

Revolver does 40 damange and 150 on impact* that’s what I meant to say hehe before ya’ll comment about it*

Fortnite Props:

Mic: Rode Mics – NT1-A
Camera: Lumix G7
Lens: Sigma 16mm 1.4f
Chair: DX Racer

Someone who did an ASMR Fornite that I highly recommend watching is Matty Tingles:

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