ASMR No Talking, Relaxing Hair Wash/Shampoo 💦

This video was originally on Vidme. Unfortunately, though, vidme shut down on the 15th of December. Due to this, I am releasing the video here so anyone can view it once again 🙂

It’s just a simple no talking hair shampoo 🙂 I also put on gloves so there’s some gloves sounds as well!

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asmr ~ asmr is very relaxing and can help you fall asleep or focus on work or tasks. there are no loud surprises, only gentle and calming sounds to ease stress and anxiety. 🙂 here on this channel you can find a variety of role plays (immersive asmr), trigger videos (just sounds and soft speaking or whispering), lets play videos (relaxing gaming), unboxing videos, and more!


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