[ASMR] Tapping with Fingertips (& Binaural Ear-to-Ear Whispers)

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Hello everybody! I’ve been wanting to play a bit more with my Rode NT1s and I wanted to test out a trigger that I actually get requested quite a bit: tapping with the fingertips/pads of your fingers rather than the fingernails! Since I just cut my fingernails, I figured this would be the first time to give it a go!

I used 5 items that I hope you find tingly and will trigger your ASMR, or at least a bit of relaxation 🙂 I talk ear to ear during this — but let me know if you would prefer a non-speaking version.

0:00 Coffee Can
5:09 Cork Toast Coaster
10:45 Manga (Naruto Vol. 10)
15:52 Dryer Sheets Cardboard Box
19:34 Bubble Mailer Envelope

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