ASMR | Tippy-Taps and Rambling ~ & Redecorated Room!

New art YAAAAY! You can go to and use code GIBI25 for 25% off your order until the end of Monday — but code GIBI will get you a discount always too!
Displate is really freakin sweet — my favorite way so far to hang art. They use magnets so it’s never crooked — you can switch out your art super easily, and it doesn’t ruin your wall :’) AND they plant TEN!!!!! Trees every Displate you buy! 😭

I’m working on getting my own Gibi themed art ❤️ lmk if you have any favorite artists that I should hit up to work with!

Enjoy the video 🙂 it’s a super chill one; I had a lot of fun filming it :3

timestamps below!

0:00 – Displate
Throughout Video – Whispering
3:40 – Candle Tapping & Lighting
4:45 – Hair Brush Tapping
9:45 – Stone Coaster Tapping
13:10 – Shaking Sounds & Plastic Container Tapping
18:40 – Glass Tapping
20:00 – Sticker Sounds
21:45 – Cardboard Scratching & Tapping
29:00 – Cork & Jar Tapping
33:20 – Stone Coaster Tapping Part 2

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