[ASMR] Tracing & Tapping on My Art Collection

I went a little crazy and bought a ton of art so that I could cover my walls in my streaming room! Go give the artists some love — they deserve it 😀

This video isn’t sponsored and these aren’t affiliate links, just for clarification c:

Goodnight Moon’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otISs1N5myo

Prints/Timestamps/Social Media!:

►0:00 – Intro

►2:06 – “a break from training” Todoroki MHA
Zettanoia: https://twitter.com/zettanoia
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/zettanoia/a-break-from-training/

►5:30 – “festival” Large MHA Picture
►10:17 – “melon yellow” Todoroki MHA
►12:15 – “brothers” Full Metal Alchemist
Vacuum-chan: https://www.instagram.com/vacuumch_/
Buy the prints: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/vacuumchan/festival/

►14:40 – “Dva 2!” Overwatch
Keezyyoung: https://www.instagram.com/keezyyoung/
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/keezybees/dva-2/

►17:50 – “Training” The Legend of Korra
Laura Lewis: https://www.instagram.com/lorhsdraws/
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/lorhs/training/

►20:20 – “Eruri Print” Attack on Titan
HamletMachine: http://starfightercomic.com/
Buy the print: https://the-starfighter-shop.myshopify.com/collections/prints/products/eruri-print-01

►22:30 – “Korra and Asami” – Legend of Korra
Sarula Bao: https://twitter.com/bao__haus
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/sarulabao/korra-and-asami/

►24:30 – “Ice and Fire” – Game of Thrones
Eklixio: https://www.instagram.com/eklixio/
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/eklix/ice-and-fire/

►26:30 – “Khaleesi” – Game of Thrones
Annadittart: https://www.instagram.com/annadittart/
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/annadittmann/khaleesi/

►28:50 – “heartfelt.” Howl’s Moving Castle
vi: https://twitter.com/matchavi
Buy the print: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/tofuvi/heartfelt/

►32:10 – “Victuuri” Yuri!! on Ice
►35:00 – “Ari” Ariana Grande
►36:40 – “Mercy” Overwatch
►39:00 – “Fire Nation Babes” Avatar The Last Airbender
Punziella: https://twitter.com/Punziella
Buy the prints:

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