ASMR Trammeling you straight to sleep (oddly satisfying)

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Through the last few weeks I’ve been working very hard on this really time consuming video project that was brought into being thanks to the financial support from my Patrons.

What exactly is this peculiar machine?

Some time ago I stumbled upon a Youtube video in which a physics teacher was showing a ”do nothing machine” called Trammel of Archimedes which is meant to be used for drawing perfect elipses. I was totally hypnotised by this video not only becuase it was extremely satisfying to watch but mainly in view of the fact, that I felt crazy tingles throughout the whole video.

I decided that I have to make a video with something like this, but how? Initially I was almost certain that I’ll be able to find such a toy for sale somewhere online. However it turned out that I was wrong.

The only thing I managed to find were some STL models for 3D printing. I was going to buy the license and hire 3D printing company to print the modesl for me. Unfortunately it turned out to be crazy expensive.

There was no any other way around than just try to built it by myself out of wood. I didn’t have any proper tools for that, but I had the Patreon money collected from the last 3 months. Fortunately it was almost enough to buy everything I needed.

It took me over 100 working hours to calculate, design and finally build it with my own hands. I knew I can easily make 2-way trammel, but wasn’t quite sure about the 3 and 4-way ones as they were much more complicated. In the end of the day I managed to make all of them.

That clicky, clacky sound of the slides moving back and forth and rubbing against the wooden walls of their paths is really good… isn’t it?

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