Evening Nurse’s Shift / ASMR Nurse Role Play

hello everyone! this video features something i’ve wanted to do for a while: some “anti” personal attention. for me, i get the most tingles (in real life) when the person isn’t interacting with me. for a long time, i’ve dealt with social anxiety, so it’s pretty difficult for me to get tingles when someone is interacting directly with me (doctors, hair dressers, etc). I love when I can be the “fly on the wall” and just listen (and casually watch) when someone else does something without my input. so this video features some of that when the nurse is at her desk, i do include some personal attention though for those that enjoy it (i love personal attention in videos still)

time stamps
0:00 – 23:53 Nurse at desk, making calls, typing, checking files
23:54 – 42:53 First patient, personal attention
42:54 – 52:00 Nurse at desk
52:01 – 1:13:13 Second patient, personal attention, also some unplanned indoor rain sounds
1:13:14 – End Nurse at desk


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