Gibi ASMR Official Store! [Whispered Announcement]


YAY!!! It’s open!!! Thank you so much to the people who made this possible and helped along the way. It was a bigger undertaking than I imagined and I couldn’t have done it without help!

Pauline (@Punziella) for the Daisy/Gibi Art:

John for my new OFFICIAL LOGO!!:

Bear, my Discord, and my assistant Vestman the Bestman for their time, thoughts, and advice!

6 designs:
-Triple Daisy
-Gibi Mood: Casual
-White Logo
-Black Logo
-Blue Watercolor Logo
-Purple Watercolor Logo

4 options:
-T-shirt (Premium Quality!!!! YAY) ($22)
-Long sleeve ($30)
-Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($35)
-Hoodie ($35)
(BONUS: Mug for the Mood: Casual piece! $15)

Different Colors for each design option, so make sure to check those out!

“Campaigns” run every 3 days and you are able to check what shipping options you have.

Please feel free to comment with any questions and I will try my best to get back to you!! And if anyone gets merch, TAG ME IN IT ON INSTA OR TWITTER!!! x)

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