How I Make ASMR (Ramble/Talk)

Hey everybody!! Thank you so much to my Patrons and folks on Twitter for asking me these wonderful questions. Timestamps:

1:00 – What audio hardware do you use / What is your setup?
7:30 – Do you use the same camera lens for all your videos?
7:50 – How do you find a good time to record?
9:15 – How much time is wasted waiting for sounds to stop?
9:25 – Do you give your roommate a warning when recording?
9:35 – What programs do you use to record?
9:50 – How much editing is needed?
12:40 – How much audio is added in post?
14:00 – How long does it take from pre to post production?
15:40 – Do you prefer roleplays or not?
18:00 – Planning out videos / schedule?
18:58 – Do you use viewer suggestions?
19:50 – What’s your advice for coming up with video ideas?
21:00 – Best and Worst thing you’ve ever bought?
22:00 – Do you watch your content back?
23:00 – Do you get tingles from your videos?
23:35 – How long does it take you to become Daisy?
24:00 – What’s your favorite part of the video creating process?
26:00 – How do you decide what background to use?
27:00 – Do you create and make all your cosplays yourself?
28:30 – What is it you fail at most when creating a video?
31:05 – Does your day ever affect how you film / how you feel while filming?
33:00 – What is something you feel you do best when creating a video?
34:05 – How do you set up a backdrop so you’re always in frame?
34:35 – Is there a rhythm or pattern to your tapping?
36:30 – Should you wear different clothes if you shoot videos all in the same day?
37:05 – When do you deem it necessary to cut parts from a video?
38:00 – Do you have a pre-game meal or ritual?
39:03 – How much do you research your videos / roleplays?
41:38 – What is your advice for new ASMRtists?

I got a bit rambly in this video (as I do) so if you have any clarifying questions/new questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section and I will do my best to find them and answer them!!

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