Interview with asmr_pumpkin

Nice to see a new face on the scene.

We caught up with  asmr_pumpkin today….

When did you first discover ASMR?
I first experience it when I got a haircut when I was younger, although I wasn’t too sure what it was. I then watched a Youtubers react video of youtubers reacting to ASMR and realised what the tingly feeling I experienced was and I began to watch ASMRtists on YouTube.
What made you decide to become an ASMRtist?
I watched other ASMRtists and thought why not! I love being creative and thought it wold be a great outlet!
How long have you been an ASMRtist?
Not long, only just over a month now.
What’s your favourite aspect of being an ASMRtist?
The creativity
Do you respond to ASMR and if so what triggers you?
Yes I do, haircut videos and the sound of brushing triggers me the most.
What type of ASMR videos do you enjoy making the most?
Simple trigger videos are my favourite to make.
Why do you think there are more women than men making videos?
I’m not sure about that one but I wish more men would make them as it a great creative outlet.
Do you make videos on any other subject and if so what?
No I don’t but I would like to set up a vlogging channel in the future.
What challenges do you face with running your channel?
Mainly equipment issues as I have very limited equipment. I only film on an iPod and I have no camera or microphone so the videos I can make are limited.
What comments or feedback do you remember the most and why?
Possitive feedback and suggestions for how to make my videos better. I always welcome constructive feedback as I want to improve.

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