Interview with KittyCatASMR

Thanks to KittyCatASMR for being our first to be interviewed.

We hope you enjoy reading more about her.

When did you first disover ASMR?

I discovered ASMR on accident. I was sitting playing a game on my computer and I had youtube going on my ps4 playing random videos while I played and Oliva Kissper’s hair washing video came on and I was getting so many tingles.. it was then I stopped playing my game and looked into what ASMR was and found more video’s.
What made you decide to become an ASMRtist?

What made me decide to be an ASMRtist was watching minecraft video’s and thinking, “I can do that.. Let’s give it a shot..”
How long have you been an ASMRtist?

I made my channel in in 2014 and my first video was a minecraft video and that was posted on November 3rd 2014.
What’s your favourite aspect of being an ASMRtist?

My favorite aspect of being a creator as any other ASMRtist and that is to make people happy.
Do you respond to ASMR and if so what triggers you?

Yes I do respond to ASMR, my favorite triggers include mouth sounds, ear eating, tapping, gaming sounds, and water sounds, but there are so many more.
What type of ASMR video do you enjoy making the most?

I enjoy making minecraft video’s but for a while I couldn’t record, so I enjoyed making trigger videos like tapping or mouth sounds.
Why do you think there are more women than men making videos?

I honestly do not know why there is more women then men, as a woman I do enjoy a deep male soft spoken voice but I know most men have stressful jobs so I would think that more men come to listen to a soft spoken female to help them unwind at the end of a hard day.
Do you make videos on any other subject and if so what?

I do not really make video’s on any other subject, I do have another youtube channel that has cat videos of my furbabies but thats not really anything. I may make another youtube channel for vlogging maybe in the future.
What challenges do you face with running your channel?

I face the same challenge as any other female or even male youtube creator.. Trolls and pervs. I used to get hurt with people being mean and calling me names but now I know its not me its them.
What comments of feedback do you remember the most and why?

The comments I remember the most is when I made someones day better, or when TirarADeguello commented on a video of mine I was so excited.

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