Interview with SleepingWay ASMR

A big thank you to SleepingWay ASMR for taking the time to talk to us and telling us more about themselves and their channel.

You can find their videos posted on the site and as usual at youtube

The Interview

▪️When did you first disover ASMR?▪️
I first discovered ASMR 7 years ago, actually by accident. I had just got out of the hospital and was in recovery for treatment of a blood condition. While being treated I became very stressed and depressed. I decided one day to look up some “remedies” that could help me to keep calm and relaxed. I got on YT and while watching a medical video, leaned over my laptop and accidentally elbowed an ASMR video of Maria (Gentlewhispering) hand movement video for relaxation. My first thought was “the hell is this, but 10mins later passed out to sleep.” It was then I began to research more and found a cure for my sleepless and full of anxiety nights.
▪️What made you decide to become an ASMRtist?▪️
Well first just knowing that there are everyday people just like myself who may have some type or kind of matters that they deal with daily and ASMR helps them to keep going, which I think is great. So I felt by becoming an ASMRtist I can add to the community as well as relate and share things to help others that may have helped me by either experience or just giving that personal care to those who need a smile, hug, kind words of affirmation, etc. To help anyone whatever it is (in this sense creating ASMR videos) is always an amazing feeling, and having that person say you helped them is humbling to hear.
▪️How long have you been an ASMRtist?▪️
I am actually a fairly new ASMRtist, and I just started maybe around November-Decemberish. So far has been a great experience and a wonderful feeling to be part of a community that genuinely cares for one another.
▪️What’s your favourite aspect of being an ASMRtist?▪️
I think my favorite aspect of being an ASMRtist is when making these types of videos, the sky is the limit, and let creativity be your canvas. There are so many different styles of ASMR and each style out there can be for a particular group and or person that best suites their interest or “triggers” them the best, I think which is really cool to have that sort of doorway to express in a positive way.
▪️Do you respond to ASMR and if so what triggers you?▪️
I do! I usually get tingles on the crown of my head and back of the neck/spine (the really fuzzy ones to be exact lol). My triggers consistently so far have been plastic or paper crinkle sounds, fire/match crackling, spraying of liquids and of course tapping preferably on cardboard, but I have to say with so many new triggers rising it is hard to just stick with 1 sound as a lot of sounds you would never think of can be relaxing to hear.
▪️What type of ASMR video do you enjoy making the most?▪️
I actually find Roleplay videos very fun to make and watch. My very first RP video came out well and received a lot of great feedback on social media even Cassie (CalmingEscape) commented and thought it was amazing, so I was pumped about that. For some reason I have been getting compliments on how well my whispering is so relaxing to listen to, soooo…I guess I’m doing something right lol
▪️Why do you think there are more women than men making videos?▪️
It’s funny you mentioned, because there was actually a talk about this among other ASMR artist on twitter who asked this very question. If you browse closely, there are actually more male ASMRtist surfacing now more than ever from when ASMR first began so that’s really great to see. Maybe we see more women than men simply because females in general are more open, affectionate and willing to aid first, where as males maybe hesitant. I would bet that there are more males on YT who would like to do ASMR but are maybe not comfortable yet to be vulnerable and or confident in doing so. One day
▪️Do you make videos on any other subject and if so what?▪️
Before I become an ASMRtist, I actually had another YT channel going into college (Right when YT just began in 2006). My videos were of daily vlogs, some funny, and even music (I use to make beats ). Then later as I got older began to make family vlogs and even pregnancy vlogs.
▪️What challenges do you face with running your channel?▪️
Now that I have my own little family, I think consistency and time management for me is big on the to-do list. Between the kids and all of their extra curricular activities, plus my own and husband, not to mention a dog, it can be quite the case load, but it can be done and is something I am striving to better everyday . With having this channel I think it is also teaching me to press forward and work hard and the rewards will be most satisfying.
▪️What comments of feedback do you remember the most and why?▪️
To me the ones that give critique and love all at the same time. I love learning new things to get better at, and sometimes do not mind the added voice of positivity (even if they are right). It is always a bonus when I see a comment from a viewer that remembers a feedback they have given me a while back on things i need to work on, and then I see them come back to comment and tell me they see the improvement, to me that is the most amazing feeling ever. Feedback either good or bad is important and without, I think one cannot grow as effectively.

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