*I’ve Missed You* Hair Brushing and Ear Massage [ASMR]

Hello Everyone,
Long time no see:) I’m hoping to be able to start filming and editing more now that my little guy is a little older and less colicky. My personal life has been crazy as I’m in the middle of changing careers as well as some other private things going on but filming always focuses me and calms me so I’m hoping to be able to get back into it. Here is my start and thank you everyone for the support and kind words while I’ve been away xx

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*Curious to see the first ASMR video ever made? Here is the lovely lady who is the founder of ASMR, she uploaded the first ASMR video ever created in 2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHtgPbfTgKc

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*My PO box is down at the moment but should be back up shortly:)

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