Go to https://CatchSomeZees.com and sign up to be notified when Zees is in the App Store / Google Play Store on September 7th!!!! AHHHH! WE DID IT!! WE MADE AN ASMR APP and its GOT ALL THE FEATURES and ITS BY US and omg ok I have a lot of info to share:

Hi my name is Gibi and I’m having a heart attack rn

I AM HAVING A REDDIT AMA TOMORROW AT 3PM CST — Ask Me Anything and I’ll be typing away for hours until I can get to as many as possible! It’ll be held at https://www.reddit.com/r/asmr and if you have ANY questions (especially Zees related, but also non-Zees related too!) please check it out!

I AM ALSO HAVING A CHARITY / GIVEAWAY / AUCTION LIVESTREAM the week of September 9th. TBD when that is, but I’ll post on all my social media. It’ll be to help promote Zees, but giving all proceeds made to the wonderful Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, my favorite charity! Info on that here: https://www.bbrfoundation.org/
I’ll be auctioning off items like a signed Toaster Coaster, Fortnite Games with me, a shoutout video from Daisy….etc! Details coming!

TIMESTAMPS if you want to skip around:
0:00 Me Freakin’ Out (Zees is a Premium, Ad-Free ASMR Video Player app releasing Sept 7th!)
3:00 Reddit AMA Sunday
3:44 Charity Livestream Announcement
5:35 What is Zees? /Lil’ bit of “why” and thank you!!!
7:50 Zees bought its own servers – We own 100% of our own content and what that means!
9:00 FEATURE: Ad Free – Why Subscription Based?
12:23 FEATURE: Listen With Your Phone Off!
12:07 FEATURE: Easy AutoPlay On/Off
13:25 FEATURE: ZEES Exclusive Content!!!! New Featured Creator every 2 weeks!
14:11 Gibi Zees Q&A Sneak Peek (going forward we’ll be gathering questions thru the Zees Twitter)
15:06 One Hour Cranial Nerve Exam Exclusive Sneak Peek!!
16:20 FEATURE: Offline Viewing / Download
17:00 FEATURES: Sleep Tools | Sleep Timer, Bedtime Reminder, Alarms
18:00 Playlists, Favorites, Comment Section,
18:38 FEATURE: Audio Only Mode
19:00 FEATURE: Search Function
19:30 Suggestion/Contact form on website!
20:04 Why Make Zees?
23:26 ZEES CREATORS LIST (so far!)
24:47 Why only 25 creators?
25:55 Adding more as time goes on! (Costs)
28:18 MY GOALS ~
30:44 My Issues with YouTube
33:14 My Issues with the Tingles App
36:08 Thank you — Wrappin’ it up!

Pricing: Zees is $9.99 a month, or $99.99 for a year! I talk about it a lot in the video but want to triple-clarify in the description box. Building an app/owning our own servers is very expensive! We would have to be able to afford it with: 1) A Premium App or 2) Advertisements! Advertisements is not something we want to do — they’re loud, inconsistent, and you can simply watch on YouTube if you’re ok with ads! I will still be posting my content on YouTube!!!! Zees is an extra option for those of who want more ASMR friendly features, more direct support to creators, and Zees Exclusives! We chose our price point to be able to fairly pay creators, offset costs, and unfortunately, the App Store takes some as well. I understand a paid app is NOT for everyone, YouTube will stay the same and I still very much appreciate your viewership here!
(PS/FAQ — YouTube Red is $12.99 a mo and only available in a few countries, with less ASMR features and no Zees Exclusives!)

Zees has a Twitter! https://twitter.com/asmrzees

Use code GIBI when signing up for the Zees subscription after launch on September 7th if you’d like c: It helps my channel personally!

The Murky Untruths of the Tingles App video I reference by Ancient Whispers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8_utF8N5hs&t=476s

Thank you –
I try not to be mega cheese too much but I truly cannot express how thankful I am for everyone who worked on Zees to get where we are today. Ben, Vest, my lovely mom and incredible dad, our dev team, our lawyers and accountants, Ergo, Chip, Ray, Penn, Gryphon, David, Liger, Brendan, Wingo, Noah, and all of the INCREDIBLE incredible 24 (plus me makes 25!!) creators we are launching with, including a few who either are on their way to Zees, or gave us some kind words and luck. Your support is incredible.

And thank YOU, so much, for watching, and for giving Zees a chance.
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This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: https://twitter.com/MrTheVestman

WE DID IT!!!!!!!! Over a year of working and our first version is a week away from public launch. I can’t wait for more updates to come :’)